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2017 hot Steelers jerseys

player has top-selling cheap NFL jerseys after standing for anthem. It’s not surprising that, as the tense debate about NFL players actions during the national anthem at games continues, some stories are getting a bit fussed up.  Such is the case of Pittsburgh Steelers player Alejandro Villanueva.

Before Sunday’s game between the Steelers and the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t on the field as the anthem was played at Soldier Field in Chicago. But Villanueva stood in a tunnel leading to the field with his hand over his heart.

Once the Steelers did take the field, they were loudly booed by the Chicago crowd as their absence was seen as another act of defiance.

Since then, Villanueva, who’s an Army veteran and a Bronze Star Medal recipient, has become something of a folk hero to those who have taken offense to the protests.

As the debate raged and images of Villanueva standing, apparently by himself, during the anthem circulated, Villanueva’s jersey shot to the top of NFL jersey sales.

Ironically, this comes a year after Colin Kaepernick’s jersey became a top-seller last year when he started his on-the-field protests. Kaepernick later said he’d donate all the proceeds from his jersey sales.

But — surprise! — there’s much more going on here than appears on first glance.

First, Villanueva was not alone in the tunnel. The rest of the Steelers were in the tunnel, too, many standing with hands over the hearts during the anthem as well.

As to the issue of why Villanueva was standing in front of the rest of the team, that’s where things get a bit more thorny.