Why You Walk Around Wearing Cheap NFL Jerseys? – This is my classmates questions to me.

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When I was high school student, I got to wear my cheap jersey to class every Friday, the same for my teammates, as we have football class that day. And after game, we would  hang our game-day , which was water-cleaned by us own. All are clean and shiny and smooth to the touch. The acrylic for the numbers was so thick, thus we fold our jersey carefully along the digits and the paint to protect it the way it was. We own different number digits on our cheap  jerseys to recognize.

The different for these days is I wear my cheap nfl jerseys every days in the school. And my classmates ask me why?  The Pro Bowl 2016 is around the corner on January 31. And our coach hope us to hardly prepare for the Game day. Because our team will fight for the other teams between different camps. And the reward is $200,000 for the winner.  And we’ve been allowed to wear the cheap nfl jerseys to practice more! I wear them to dinner on Thursday night; I do homework in them. I stand in front of mirror wearing the cheap nfl jersey to inspire myself.  And especially on Friday’s Game, I wear my cheap nfl jersey to class and convince myself that this time practice game will do better.

After school, we had practice in just our game unis and no pads, and that was always the most fun practice of the week. We never did anything. All we had to do was walk through drills and savor every second of getting to wear our badass jerseys out on the field in front of everyone. Girls from the soccer and cross country teams would run by the field on occasion and HOLY SHIT did I make sure they saw me in my . Wearing nfl jerseys cheap makes you very conscious of how you’re standing. I wanted my jerseys to see me so very, very badly. The girls all looked so hot in their Umbros and their shin pads, and I hope them to like me and think me hot. That make me more proud and gain vanity,self-gratification. That is the cheap nfl jerseys effect on me and I believe the did same to other boys!